Boat rental insurance requires that the operator is a at least 25 years of age and have a valid automobile drivers license from the country of residence. Boating in South West Florida does not require a boat operators license.


Safety Gear

All required US Coast Guard safety gear is supplied with each boat. Life preservers for adults and children are provided. Special size life preservers for infants and small children are available and provided when needed. A marine band radio is provided with each boat. The radio has two purposes: weather is broadcast 24 hours per day, and is a back up for our cell phones.



Waterways in our area are well marked. Day markers clearly indicate the intra-costal waterway. Canal maps are provided to navigate the Cape Coral canal system. Navigation charts and destination charts are reviewed during orientation, and are provided for your use during the rental. All boats are equipped with GPS navigation systems and depth finders. In addition, all boats have marine band radio for 24 hour weather reports and are a back-up for cell phone communication. During orientation, the recommended beaches, marinas, and waterfront restaurants are identified and reviewed.


Orientation and Briefing

Orientations/briefings are given by US Coast Guard trained captains. Providing all the information necessary for your safe boating is the main focus of our orientations/briefings sessions. During your orientation/briefing, a review of the tide tables, Cape Coral canal maps, navigation charts, operation of marine radio, and destination charts are covered. Current local boating conditions are reviewed. Instructions for all of the operating systems on the boat are also given. On-the-water boat handling is provided. For the inexperienced boater, this session is a training session. For the experienced boater, this session is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with handling of the boat.



Sea Tow provides 24 hour/7 day towing services on the water. Sea Tow has boats at various locations and will respond to a call within minutes. Sea Tow provides towing for boats on soft groundings, and fuel on the water when needed. For a one time fee of $35, all towing and services are free. The fee is for any length of rental time: 3 days to 3 months.



If the boat is returned in a clean condition, there is no charge. If you wish to have us to clean the boat, there is a $50 charge.


Additional Equipment

A fishing equipment package is available which includes: rods, reels, tackle, bait bucket, air pump, and landing net. Water ski package includes water skis, tow line, and water ski life jacket. Every boat has a cool box and additional cool boxes are available.



All boat are covered by liability insurance, and complete hull damage with a deductible. There is no charge for this insurance. The deductible amount is the amount of the security deposit for each boat.